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leather hide

Finest Quality Full Grain Leather

Handpicked highest quality full grain hides hot stuffed with waxes and oils sourced from Gold Standard LWG certified tanneries. These thick & beautiful hides develop a beautiful patina over years of usage and stay for dacades.

Inspired From The History

All our goods are inspired from the era when the things were built for functionality and to last a lifetime.

Bags were crafted by saddle markers and were made to rest on the backs of the horses hence the term saddle bags.

These were built durable so that these could survive in the harsh & rugged terrain and till last for a long time.

  • Leather Hide

    Hot stuffed Buffalo Leather

    For centuries leather is being stuffed with waxes & oils for preservation, to save it from water penetration and to develop a beautiful patina. We are keeping the tradition alive.

  • craft and glory brass hardware

    Solid Brass Hardware

    Being used for 1000s of years Brass hardware is the most durable metal to go with leather as it never rusts and does not break easily ensuring longevity of the goods.

  • Handset Copper Rivets

    The most important material used in horse saddlery since centuries. These solid copper rivets once fixed into a piece of leather are impossible for even a horse to break.

The Hudson Satchel

Crafting Some Heirloom Quality Goods