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Excellent produsct average customer service

Shoes delivered as promised. Very good quality on first impression, nice appearance, perhaps a bit too small in size. Will buy it again.

Gnarly stuff by Craft and Glory .

I was a bit reluctant to buy this at first because of me being a flat feet … but when it arrived I was shellshocked by the way it hugs my feet and even my flat feet doesn’t deforms it’s beautiful shape even by an inch . Giving this review after wearing as a daily beater for more than 2 months .

Classy leather strap

Looks great. Feels good. Goes very well with the Apple Watch. Premium full grain leather at a competitive price. Highly recommended

Top Class Boots

I settled on these boots after browsing through at least a 100 different ones. And then ofc, I stalked it again for a good two weeks before finally ordering. It's been almost two months now; the break in period is well and truly over and the boots seem to have got contoured rather snugly to my feet and ankles. It's a high quality product.

I'm an Orthopaedic Surgeon by profession and therefore this is not really my first choice footwear for the hospital but even so, I wear them frequently just for the heck of it and to show them off as well 😅. I've received lots of fantastic compliments and a several envious looks when I strut around in these.

Pros : - 1) Magnificent quality of craftsmanship.
2) Robust & Sturdy feel. Especially THAT thud that emanates from the heels as they strike the turf
3) Looks, looks, looks!! These are simply gorgeous 😍😍😍. I've even experimented with laces of different colours to highlight the contrast with the brilliant Raven Black Leather of the boots.
4) Uber comfortable to wear

Cons - 1) Yea, I know quality takes time but the waiting period (22 days in my case)
2) Can I mention the price?!? Would love it have it "a bit" cheaper 😛
3) My only major gripe - The tongue of the left boot slides to the outer side almost inevitably even if the laces are tied reasonably tightly. This doesn't happen with the right boot and I've also noticed this complaint being mentioned by another reviewer. That is one thing you guys definitely need to look into. It's not a deal breaker; rather a minor inconvenience yet we expect better for the price paid.

All in all, I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend this product to anybody.

May I also suggest - it would be great if you could expand your product portfolio and include more models, shades and colours.

All the best! You guys rock 🤘

Best all rounder boots!!

Loved the build and craftsmanship. In simply words, they are amezing. Will update my review after a few months of use.

Fantastic Quality

Looks and feels top quality

Awesome boots !

Well built, tough and resistant
Wirh such a cool badass look,
I love my Monkey boots !
Greetings from Montreal 🙂

Well constructed and comfortable

The shoes are very well made. On a glance, it looks robust and construction feels sturdy.

Since it is a moc toe boot, it is very comfortable as well. The toe box has ample space and will not squeeze your toes together.

The vintage leather looks and feels amazing. I am waiting to wear them and see how it develops character over time.

Indian Moc Toe Boots

I liked the way the boot has been constructed. They are sturdy & have a wide toe area for broad-footed people like me. This boot is good year welted, which means they will last a very long time to come. They need minimum maintenance. Overall, cool pair of shoes to have in the era of sneakers which are mostly built by fake leather & have a very small shelf life.


Ok so their website bumped on my screen when i was scrolling instagram. Checked their website in and out and the leather they use and how well they have explained it all on their website. They start making your product after you place the order so you need to keep patience. But its worth it completely. I am in awe of the craftsmanship and the finishing of the prpduct. Leather is of great quality. My hp envy laptop 14inches also fits in comfortably. Please provide this info on your website as it only says iphone/ipad sleeves. It also fits in atleast 200 pages easily so its a great product to carry for meetings too. Also they gave me a free keychain for delaying my order soo 10/10 for customer service. Great great great job guys. I see a big brand building. And i am going to buy a bag soon. All photos and videos are shot on iphone 14 pro max has arent 0.01% edited.

Amazing Boots

Quality is top notch. Fit & finish is really good. Looks rugged and durable with luxury feel.

C&G needs to work on providing update to the customer about the progress and needs to change the delivery partner.

The Monkey

I’m impressed with how these boots fit and stylish they are. I’m wasn’t sure about the sizing but I contacted C&G and provided the sketch of my feet and they were able to match the size of the boots. Fit is spot on. Very comfortable. Shipping was relatively quick. Will definitely buy again!

Worth every penny

Bought a pair of these boots last September.. Looks quite stylish and sexy.. Super feet don't get tired even i wear them whole day.. Try it on chinos, jeans , cargos and tuck in the pants inside to show off the boots...Grip is super and leather used is also of very high standard.. Boots took time to break , but after that it was just awesome..Will again make a purchase from Craft and Glory..

All original Leather Bag

This is a genuine raw leather and this has a lot of capacity for a weekend, a laptop pocket, pen pocket, front big pocket to hold a notebook and two side pockets large enough to hold all your accessories.
Overall a package deal you can’t refuse and at a very good price point is hard to beat.
Thanks you Craft and Glory for keeping your promise and delivering this to me on time…Appreciate that !

Straight out of the box on a two week vacation

I really like these shoes a ton, I was little skeptical as I was hoping to break them in before leaving on a two week vacation but I put them on and headed to the airport. They are comfortable straight out of the box but like any boot got better with time. His Boots feel roomy and almost look like a wide version as the upper has volume. Lengthwise they are a perfect fit compared to the 11 1/2 eyewear and other shoes. After breaking the wide look, has calmed down a bit as they started to form to my foot.

I chose to run an insert with some added arch support. There’s plenty of room for this addition, and the only real downside is that it adds to height I am 61 and don’t really need to be any taller.

I would say about after 40 miles of walking his boots RX extremely comfortable. The heel slip has reduced to a minimum and I really enjoy them with.

It’s worth mentioning that customer service is very good. They were responsive and helped me receive the boot in time for my trip.

Great all round boots, great watch out for import duties

These boots are fantastic, shortly after receiving them I took a trip to New York, they gave me no issues with rubbing or blisters and are very comfortable.

The shoes are well put together and very good quality for the price point.

One final point is that you should be aware of importation fees and duties when you buy these. I was caught out by the import duty for the UK which was an additional 25%.

Even having paid this extra duty I still consider there’s boots well worth the price.

Saddle tan moc toe

Supple leather, fine craftsmanship, quality materials, and quick delivery make for a happy customer. Thank you

Its a Brownie

Got this after 12 days of placing the order . I received some images once it was crafted and I had some issues with the finishing which these guys fixed and sent it to me .
On day of receiving i noticed that design is fab , looks stunning . Color is exactly as shown in images above .
On wearing i can understand top leather would take some time to adjust and will get softer .
Also i can understand at few places the design can vary as its hand crafted but you will only be able to point out the difference if you have a good eye .
Padding for the ankle can be better where it touches the Lateral malleolus bone . I understand that every human will have difference in the left n the right foot but this particular padding area should be carefully done in terms of thickness as its pointed directly to the bone is mentioned above . This shouldn’t vary regardless its hand crafted as i am in pain right now on that area hoping this will get adjusted over time .
Rest everything is fine , it’s awesome , it’s rugged and will age beautifully.
Also i would give a suggestion to team to take feedbacks on follow up basis once a product is sold, their will be tough customers coming your way as you grow and they will only make you better .

Exceptional Lightweight Sneakers

I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with these leather sneakers. These are not only incredibly lightweight, but they also boast high-quality leather construction that exudes durability. The attention to detail in the finishing is impeccable, reflecting the craftsmanship put into these shoes.

Monkey Boots

Love my new monkey boots. The leather is nice and supple and the boots are comfortable out of the box. craftsmanship is great. Well made beautiful boots at a great price. YouTube video placeholder
Boots done PERFECTLY!

Have been keeping an eye on these for almost 6 months now and it was worth going ahead with the purchase.

The leather is of great quality. It's excellently crafted. Perfectly weighted.

Overall Happy with my boots.

Belt rivets has issue

Belt quality is very good - but rivets they have used is not fixed types rivets. it is like screws - on day one of using belt one rivet opened and lost. now I cant find similar rivet any where and not getting any support for such a small item. now i wlll have to repair it locally.

Better than Expected🔥🔥

The Belt is very good and well crafted by professionals as it reflects the manufacturs potential. Go for it. Yiu won't regret.

My very first Dress boots

Am always inclined towards using the rugged work style boots however though about having a dress boot this time. The slim profile yet the sturdy looks and feels make this one of my favourite boots. The 2 mm full grain leather is top notch. There are other Indian brands with same construction and good year welting but what sets apart Craft and Glory is 2mm thick leather and the steel shank for added durability. Would recommend Craft and Glory anyday

The best

The boot is so sturdy and high quality. My wife thought the monkey explorer black boot might look like school shoes but man, its nothing for a child. Its strong and sturdy. The construction quality will make it feel like a safety boot. Once the break in for around 40 hours are done, its very comfy as well