Rohit our founder is himself a boot fanatic & a leather enthusiast, who loves coffee & travelling! He's a geek when it comes to Boots & workwear history.

Rohit appreciates handcrafted items with attention to detail.
He's an optimistic & fun-loving guy, who makes work enjoyable!


Nitika our Co-Founder is a creative individual who understands fashion & lifestyle completely. She's sweet & has an amiable personality.

She's very intuitive and has a strong fashion sense. She's always up for adventure & enjoys Travelling.


Pardeep is our brand manager.

He's wise & has over 18 years of experience

His mantra for life is to party hard & work harder!!


Shavez heads our Marketing & Sales department.

He's quick-witted & dependable and brings the fun factor to our team.

He is a completely filmy guy who can't help but sing old Bollywood songs all day!! Besides work, he enjoys gaming in his spare time & he's pretty good at it too!


Tejasman heads our Cinematography & photography department.

He's hardworking & always ready to try new things & explore new ideas.

He's also an expert at sharing PJs... poor jokes. 

Besides work, he's passionate about Dancing & makes dance videos with his friends!!


Ananyaa heads our Content & Social Media department.

She's an innovative source that brings new concepts & ideas to the table. She's also someone who's very chatty & never runs out of topics to chat about. Besides work, her interest include spending quality time & aiding street dogs!


Divya heads our Customer service department. 

She's a quick & reliable source who works hard to clear all our client queries. Besides work, she enjoys travelling in her free time!


Vikram works hard in the Logistics & packaging Department.

He's smart & reliable. Besides work, he loves to pull stunts & travel with his friends.


Ravi is a cheerful guy who is our Head Master & coordinator in the Footwear Department. He's an optimistic guy who loves his work. 

He's always pulling the legs of his fellow artisans to light up everyone's mood!


Anil is a Sweet Guy, Senior Artisan in our Footwear department.

He likes going to church, and singing prayers & at work he enjoys singing his praises! 


Ashwini works as the Senior Artisan in our Footwear department.

He's always bragging about himself, which is cute but also annoying.

Besides work, he loves cooking & spending time with his family!


Sakir is our Senior Artisan in the Hand Bags & Wallet department.

He's also one of the Sarcastic guys in the office, besides work, he enjoys traveling to the mountains & riding motorbikes!!


Alam is our Senior Artisan in the Hand Bags & Wallet department.

For reasons unknown, he's always smiling & pranking other artisans.

He loves to explore new techniques & designs. He also enjoys playing Football, especially in the rain!!


Amit works in our Footwear department. He is an expert in sole pasting, outsole stitching and roughing of footwear.

He's quick-witted and loves being on his phone. 

Besides work, he enjoys clicking pictures & social media apps.


Priyanshu is a senior welting artisan and fastens welts to insoles and outsoles by hand. A rare skill which is lost in time.

He loves cracking jokes at work & always has a funny tale to tell!


Meet Ruby, She's a curious mind who helps in our Hand Bags & Wallets Department, besides work her interest include listing to music & learning new things! 


Kanhaiya works hard in our Footwear department. 

He is very observant & dedicated, besides work, he enjoys visiting parks & being around nature!!


Uttam a super sweet and a quiet guy heads pasting and cementing of footwear in our Footwear Department.

He is dedicated & always calm, besides work he loves to sing & travel to new places. 


Armaan is our Senior Artisan in the Goodyear welting department.

He loves teasing & playing pranks on his fellow teammates. Besides work his interests include traveling!


Priyanka is a quiet gal in our Hand Bags & Wallet department.

She is dedicated & always calm, besides work she loves reading old vintage story books!


Sanjay is a skilled artisan in our Footwear department, He is the master lasting guy and heads the lasting department.

He's also the troublemaker of the workshop. Besides work, he enjoys spending time with his wife & kids.


Akash heads our finishing department for both Leather Goods & Leather Footwear.

He's really sweet & is always happy to be of help. 

Besides work, he enjoys taking naps & playing cricket.


Shivam a perfect example of "When you lie on your CV & still get the job" takes care of all the material handling and purchasing.

That being said he always forgets things to order and keeps track of the materials. But as innocent as he is always forgiven with a smile due to his charm.